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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums 2020

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums 2020Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the monkey’s biggest albums of 2020!
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1. The Allergies – Say The Word

They’ve done it again! Another fully-rounded payload of party breaks and funky hip-hop from the Bristol duo…MORE

2. The Bongolian – Harlem Hipshake

The Bongolian’s latest Latin-themed boogaloo LP and his best one ever…MORE

3. Group Modular – Time Masters

Vintage library-music-influenced, synth-drenched funky psych…MORE

4. Andy Cooper – L.I.S.T.E.N

More of that good ol’ funky boom-bap…MORE

5. Eamon – Captive Thoughts

The alt R&B that Eamon and Jedi Mind Tricks’ producer Stoupe came up with after being given the keys to the Now Again vaults…MORE

6. Kamau Kuru – Oxydental

Glorious lo-fi eastern-themed breaks and beats…MORE

7. El Michels Affair – Adult Themes

El Michels knock out more dope on an atmospheric 70s Euro-cinema soundtrack tip…MORE

8. Calibro 35 – Momentum

Talking of cinematic sounds, Calibro 35 re-calibrate their 60s/ 70s influences and head a decade nearer to the present for inspiration…MORE

9. Lexsoul Dancemachine – Lexplosion II

The unstoppable Estonian funk juggernaut nods to Rick James and Prince on the latest long player…MORE

10. Professor Elemental & Mr Frisbee – Let’s Get Messy

The ever reliable steam-punk emcee embarks on new adventures with trusty new sidekick Mr Frisbee…MORE

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