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EMMA NOBLE: Twist Or Stick

The new single from Emma Noble is Twist Or Stick but is that a question or a command? The lyrics suggest the former while the

GRAM-OF-FUN: Complicated Plant (JAFUNK Remix)

Estonian ‘Band of the Year 2023’ and ‘Debut Album of the Year 2023’ winners Gram-Of-Fun get single Complicated Plant remixed by Australia-to-Portugal transplant (no pun

BIG BOSS MAN: Bossin’ Around

Incredibly it’s been ten years since funky-Latin-mod-fuzz heroes Big Boss Man last released a Studio LP – 2014’s Last Man On Earth. And aside from


New from Ollie Love a.k.a. Asian Hawk a.k.a O.Love of O.Love & The Affair is BRG a.k.a Bounce Rock Groove which channels pretty much everything