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EMMA NOBLE: Twist Or Stick

The new single from Emma Noble is Twist Or Stick but is that a question or a command? The lyrics suggest the former while the

THE ALLERGIES feat. K.O.G.: Koliko

They might have a distinctive ‘sound’ that characterises their core output but you can’t say The Allergies don’t experiment too. Last LP Tear The Place

WOLFGANG VALBRUN: Where is The Peace?

Former Ephemerals vocalist Wolfgang Valbrun follows up excellent last single Almighty $$ with new one Where Is The Peace? As on its predecessor it takes

SKEEWIFF: Something Like That?

Like many of you didn’t know this was coming after an immense lead time of ten months and run of – oohh – at least


Remember when you heard the latest Black Pumas LP and it just didn’t have quite the punchiness you were looking for? You could do a


Another head scratcher for you – didn’t Skeewiff ‘do’ a breakbeat version of mambo classic Sway way back in the early 00s? They did! So