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MIKE KEAT & THE CB’s: I’ll Keep My Light In My Window

Ah – so this’ll be Mike Keat of all-round havoc merchants The Cuban Brothers then with presumably ‘The CB’s’ being the rest of said Cuban Brothers themselves. And given The CB’s reputation for all manner of hi-jinks, you might be disconcerted to find that Mr Keat plays it totally straight on new single I’ll Keep My Light In My Window in a 70s Motown vein – all funky rhythm, fuzz guitar, strings and female vocal harmonies behind lyrics about being there for others. What a nice bloke. Not only that but it’s excellent too – and a dead ringer for the big cuts of the era.
Indeed, if someone told you this was penned by Laverne Ware (a.k.a. Gloria Jones) for Berry Gordi’s hits factory and was a huge hit in 1971, you’d probably nod and not bat an eyelid.
(Out 1 December on Jalapeno Records)

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