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THE ALLERGIES feat. K.O.G.: Koliko

They might have a distinctive ‘sound’ that characterises their core output but you can’t say The Allergies don’t experiment too. Last LP Tear The Place Up found the boys experimenting with house, dancehall, jazz and blues sound palettes amid the party breaks, hip-hop and funk. However, on new single Koliko featuring K.O.G. a.k.a Kweku Of Ghana (that’s a lot of ‘k’s, I think you’ll agree!) it’s all about the supercharged uptempo afrobeats while K.O.G. delivers lyrics in both English and Akan. Lyrics about what though? Well, ‘Koliko’ means ‘puppet’ in Akan but if Kweku seems unlikely to be holding forth about something that could be found on the shelves of Hamleys, you’d be right. We are in the realms of metaphor and this is a call for men to resist the tugging strings of cultural expectations!
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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