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WOLFGANG VALBRUN: Where is The Peace?

Former Ephemerals vocalist Wolfgang Valbrun follows up excellent last single Almighty $$ with new one Where Is The Peace? As on its predecessor it takes a long look at another aspect of the world in 2024, weighs it the measure and finds it wanting in the extreme. This one is also a slab of heavy soul à la Black Pumas – more so actually since the heavier emoting is matched by less emphasis on the beat and more on keys and the guitar. Also, Valbrun couldn’t have tapped the zeitgeist better if he tried given the amount of violence going on around the world. “Where is the peace when you’re just surviving? Where is the peace when you know they’re lying?” he sings. It’s in the same place as any hopes of avoiding environmental catastrophe Wolf – tied up with the Almighty $$ in the purses of the greedy, sick few who have so much they couldn’t spend it if they lived for millenia. Listen to the track below and watch a studio performance of it too!
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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