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LEON DINERO: Heartbreak (Vinyl 7″)

A welcome return for mystery man Leon Dinero with this third single – a rocksteady cover of James Hunter track Heartbreak on the mighty Daptone Records. Did I say ‘mystery man’? There was a little bit of a clue as to his identity on the flip side of last single – 2019’s If You Ask Me – which was the same riddim but retitled Bandits and featuring Screechy Dan. What – as in Boomin’ In Your Jeep Screechy Dan? NYC hip-hop/reggae/ dancehall vocalist Screechy Dan? The very same. And – if you compare Screechy Dan’s voice and Leon Dinero’s – well, (though style of delivery may be very different) they’re not a million miles apart, so…who knew (?), Screechy Dan has a second career as a retro rocksteady singer! Production on this comes from Victor Axelrod and the track is instrumentally versioned on the flip courtesy of The Inversions. I’ll leave you to guess the lyrical content.
(Out now on Daptone Records)

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