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Another head scratcher for you – didn’t Skeewiff ‘do’ a breakbeat version of mambo classic Sway way back in the early 00s? They did! So what’s this – a remix? Actually no – but before we get to that, let’s clarify that it is the latest single to be released off their forthcoming Something Like That album due 8 March on which they apply themselves to knocking out versions of key tracks that have inspired their production career. And so to this which is definitely not a remix but an all-new version of what was originally called Quien Sera and subsequently Sway after the original Spanish lyrics and content were switched for English language ones for a version by the ‘King of Cool’ – Dean Martin. For this one, they’ve drafted in a female singer, slowed the tempo, ditched the big beat-style drums and returned to a Latin-style mambo shuffle amid strings and horns. An altogether more saucy affair, it’s so smouldering you could probably cook spuds in the embers. Phwooar etc. etc.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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