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CHEEBA’S FUNKY ROCK ENSEMBLE: Good Thing Going b/w Whole Lotta Drugs (Vinyl 7″)

Funny, I thought you were supposed to smoke cheeba, but here’s Cheeba smokin’! Smokin’ hot in fact with a brand new funky rock 45 to follow, what, six Latin and soul jazz edits in the last year? Which means it’s Cheeba’s Funky Rock Ensemble rather than Cheeba’s Latin Bros. or Cheeba’s Prestige Allstars at the controls! Not that you’ll forget this new production incarnation in a hurry. The B-side is a gloriously chunky rerub of a cover of Led Zep’s most famous track and renamed Whole Lotta Drugs due to the additional female vocal samples. If it was there, she definitely took it. As is supposed to be the way however (though it isn’t always), the A-side – Good Thing Going (Put It On A Record) – is king. Cue more enormous drum breaks and massive guitar riffage than you can swing Rick Rubin at, shot through with crazy flutes and male vocal cuts. Dancefloor carnage and hands down the best Cheeba edits 45 thus far!
(Out 4 May on Echo Chamber Recordings)

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