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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums 2013

(See – Top 10 Tracks – 2012 HERE)
What can I say? 2013 was big for boom-bap hip-hop and retro funk and soul.
N.B. This chart is created from from a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system.

1. Deltron 3030 – Deltron Event 2

Despite the odd dodgy skit, the second coming of Deltron 3030 was still epic…MORE

2. Soul Jazz Records presents: New Orleans Funk Vol. 3

The Soul Jazz label continued to unearth swamp funk classics…MORE

3. Aceyalone – Leanin’ On Slick

Acey and producer Bionik provided the funky hip-hop sound of the summer…MORE

4. Lone Ninja – Trapdoors & Secret Passageways

Mysterious underground Brooklyn rapper Lone Ninja made a late bid for LP of the year with beats, martial arts samples and inscrutable rhyming…MORE

5. Don Cavalli – Temperamental

The funky bluesman returned like a lighter, groovier Black Keys…MORE

6. DJ Format & Phill Most Chill – The Foremost

Format & PMC dropped the year’s biggest fast rap attack…MORE

7. Professor Earl Lett – The Story Of Professor Earl Lett

Tramp Records profiled the unsung and very funky Professor…MORE

8. Tramp Records presents: Feeling Nice Vol. 2

Tramp also dug, deeper, harder and rarer than anyone else, period…MORE

9. Rise (prod. Bankrupt Europeans) – The Cornerstone

Bankrupt Euros and Rise dropped another boom-bap slammer…MORE

10. The Excitements – Sometimes Too Much Ain’t Enough

The retro-soul/rnb crew walked it like they talk it with a very convincing second LP…MORE

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