CHART – November 2012

(NEW) 1. Too Many Ts – Get Out My Life

UK hip-hop re-discovers how to party all fonky…MORE

(NEW) 2. Afrika Bambaataa & Charlie Funk feat. King Kamonzi – It’s My Funk

Bronx originals show everyone how it’s done…MORE

(NEW) 3. Willie Walker – I Ain’t Gonna Cheat On You No More

Original sixties rnb/ soul burner re-pressed on new funk/ soul comp…MORE

(NEW) 4. The Ghetto Brothers – Ghetto Brothers Power

Long-lost seventies latin-soul-rock jam…MORE

(NEW) 5. Will C feat. Raheem Jamal – Skywalk Water

One of the standouts from the new ‘Eli’s Prism’ LP…MORE

(7) 6. Bob & Gene feat. The Inversions

Sweet reggae reflex of their own sweet soul cut…MORE

(NEW) 7. Ram Skank – Are Ya Listenin’

Big beat banger (3rd track on preview)…MORE

(NEW) 8. The Gaff – Zamboozee

Fat Meters’ style party breaks groove…MORE

(NEW) 9. Basement Freaks – Gold Digga

Get down girl, go ‘head, get down…MORE

(NEW) 10. Freqnik & WDRE – Favela B-Boy Funk

These are the (latin) breaks…MORE

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