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DJ SHEPDOG: Dancehall Scenario (Vinyl 7″)

DJ Shepdog returns to guide his people the way of the hip-hop/ dancehall blend with new 45 Dancehall Scenario. And so what is the scenario on that? I’m glad you asked. As it turns out, it’s all about the Native Tongues collective meeting Jamaican dancehall’s finest riddims. Who got the vibe on the A-side? It’s the Tribe y’all! And over a cut n paste beat spliced together from multiple riddims too. On the flip, it’s the ‘Soul, troopin’ in with the jungle patrol a.k.a. buddies (you’ll see what I did there when you hear it) De La Soul, Jungle Brothers (not to mention ATCQ’s Q-Tip) all hopping on the same kettle-drum-led riddim. Utter hands in the air mayhem.
(Out now on Digga Please)

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