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TOSSES: Tosses feat. RAYNA (2016)

It seems MC Rayna‘s so busy these days with her band Antiplastic that there’s little time for the sort of sterling guest vox that have

SKEEWIFF: Skeewiff in Brazil (2014)

[RATING: 5] It seems someone’s been wiggling down the Copacabana in a tanga thong gathering inspiration for Skeewiff In Brazil. Skeewiff in Brazil? Oh what

JIGGYJOE: Shake It EP (2014)

JiggyJoe reprises the sort of ‘ghetto latin’ that formed the backbone of Skeewiff‘s rather good Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom LP from the autumn with

CHART – July 2013

(NEW) 1. Sammy Senior feat. Rayna – Don’t Touch My Heart (original mix) Remixes aplenty but the swing-hop original is still the don