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CHART – July 2013

(NEW) 1. Sammy Senior feat. Rayna – Don’t Touch My Heart (original mix)

Remixes aplenty but the swing-hop original is still the don…MORE

(NEW) 2. The Man From DelMonty – King Of Californ-i-a

Epic Django-themed hip-hop booty…MORE

(NEW) 3. Deltron 3030 – City Rising From The Ashes

Big hip-hop returns part 1: Deltron 3030. It’s only been a decade!…MORE

(NEW) 4. Lonnie Lester – Ain’t That A Shame

No shame in Lonnie’s game – original soul burner…MORE

(NEW) 5. Sard Boogie – Sweeter Little Thang

Super disco breaks from the Melbourne man…MORE

(NEW) 6. Dooley O feat. Runway Ty & Majesty – Here We Go

Big hip-hop returns part 2: boom-bap, king Dooley is back……MORE

(NEW) 7. Shy FX feat. Liam Bailey – Soon Come

Massive retro reggae vibe…MORE

(NEW) 8. The Gene Dudley Group – The Fawcett Negotiation

Big band funk from one man!…MORE

(NEW) 9. Kabanjak – Echoes In The Night

Gorgeous dub from one half of Ancient Astronauts…MORE

(NEW) 10. Ree Keen – La Pollera Colera

Carnival vibes from Resense newbie Ree Keen…MORE

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