JIGGYJOE: Shake It EP (2014)

Shake It EP JiggyjoeJiggyJoe reprises the sort of ‘ghetto latin’ that formed the backbone of Skeewiff‘s rather good Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom LP from the autumn with co-production from – well – Mr Skeewiff himself. And what do you know – it’s a sound that continues to please. Then Ursula 1000‘s on a remix tip inna 80s Bronx electro stylee which has the bizarre effect of making Claire G Phunk‘s vocal sound a bit 90s rnb. Which sounds good too. There’s also time for a bit of Prodigy-style sampling of Ofra Haza on Welcome which features a crunk-ish vocal from US emcee Tatted Up Toon (not a man to piss off judging by his soundcloud profile pic) and an additional production credit for Jazz K Lipa before the EP ends on my favourite – the bleepy ghetto skank of My Town featuring the always quality Rayna Zara. Shake It indeed.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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