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GHETTO FUNK presents: TONIC feat. RAYNA ‘The Pump’ (GFD07) (2013)

Not enough ghetto funk in your life? That’s all set to change this week as the (now Bristol-based) Ghetto Funk label drops The Pump (courtesy of Perth’s Tonic) thus administering the very – er – tonic you need. And it’s a bit of a ‘pump n grinder,’ in fact as relentless synths battle bumpin breaks and – hello – who’s this? Why, it’s Rayna everybody (a.k.a. MC Rayna a.k.a. Rayna Zara) one of the scene’s favourite go-to emcees with good reason: she sings, she rhymes, she does sing-y rhymes and she can make ‘pump’ rhyme with ‘sound’. No mean feat. DJs can be fairly certain of peak time largeness with this but Joshua Caspar’s on hand to deliver an even more grinding dub-breakz-step thingy and for those who wish to scare the bejeezus out of the chillout room both versions also exist in ‘dub’ form.
(Out 18 November on Ghetto Funk )

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