THE MONADES: Shake Me (feat. RAYNA)/ Not To Tonight (feat. DARIYA) (2015)

Shake Me Not Tonight The MonadesIt’s saucy soul-breaks double action time shortly as The Monades (a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz and Herma Puma no less) get their slink on with the aid of a pair of vocalists known to MB readers i.e. Rayna and Dariya. Both ladies take a turn at revealing how lovers make them feel but it seems the ever reliable Rayna is the willing yin, to Dariya’s aloof yang. For while the former seeks a little more action over Brazilian-tinged rhythms, Dariya is definitely washing her hair tonight. Ah well – you can’t win ’em all – though if you copped this, you’d have something to listen too however you were feeling towards that special person…
(Out 2 March on Hero Records)

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