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MONKEYBOXING.COM top ten albums 2010

(Monkeyboxing top ten tracks 2010 HERE) Man – who listens to albums any more? The mp3 playlist has pretty much killed off listening to an LP all the way through, consigning filler to the bin and crowning the single king again after a fifty year gap. Having said that, there were a few efforts out there this year that kept your finger off the skip button:

1. PLAN B – The Defamation Of Strickland Banks
There was never any competition really. Genuinely a case of ‘all killer, no filler’ – who would have thought pastiches of Smokey Robinson could sound so good?…MORE

2. THE SOUL BROS. INC. – The Story Of The Soul Brothers
They never released an LP back in the day, so this is more of a very mighty ‘best of’ as Tramp Records put together 13 stone-classic funk soul cuts…MORE

3. CILLA K – Fine Line
The best rnb LP you never heard – in the tradition of Lauryn and Erykah…MORE

Listen to Cilla K – Fine Line

‘Difficult’ number three was already in the bag (and it was pretty good) but the ‘Boos trumped it with this…MORE

5. ROGER MOLLS – Rewind
RJD2 might have disappeared up his own arse but no worries – French b-boy Molls is here!…MORE

Listen/ free download to Roger Molls – Rewind

6. ALOE BLACC – Good Things
Second rapper turned soul singer to strike gold this year.

7. THE QUALITONS – Panoramic Tymes
The Qualitons arrive in a blizzard of Hammond riffs, paisley cravats and fuzz guitars…MORE

8. EWAN HOOZAMI – Wildebeats
A trophy for big-beat hunters everywhere…MORE

9. SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS– I Learned The Hard Way
No dancefloor cuts but the soul warmth is still there in spades…MORE

10. HERMA PUMA – Synchromystic
Chilled full-fat hip-hop full-length featuring some classic MCs.

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