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Is it me or has the RPM Challenge changed the entry criterion this year? Where once it was, “Write and record ten songs or 35

HERMA PUMA: The Bob Ross EP (2016)

Smokers of happy trees and fans of Herma Puma rejoice, for here is a brand new helping of HP-type sauce in the form of The

FRAMEWORKS & BLURUM 13: Moonlighting (2013)

Reliable transatlantic hip-hop duo Frameworks & Blurum 13 release a new single off the rather solid Brickbuilders LP and it’s latin-tinged slab of musical masonry

COCOA: Get Down On It EP (2013)

Sticking with the boom bap theme, here’s the Get Down On It EP. Nothing to do with Kool & The Gang of course, this is

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Hip To The Remix (2012)

On which Renegades Of Jazz continues his mission to reclaim use of the word ‘hip’ to mean ‘rather well-informed about and appreciative of’ from its