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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks 2015

Based on a complex algorithm derived from frequency of play on the MB phonograph, this chart details the ten biggest tracks of 2015!
(See – Top 10 Albums – 2015 HERE)

1. The Bluebeaters – True Confession
Utterly inspired floor-filling cover of the ska classic…MORE

2. Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal – Feel Right

This is the best cut on the LP. Don’t argue.

3. Mako & Mr Bristow – Funky Jive

Filthy New Orleans funk re-work of the Johnny Otis rock n roll classic.…MORE

4. Richard Marks – You Ain’t No Good

Track 9 on player – massive unsung funky soul banger…MORE

5. Aim & QnC – 1000 Reasons

LP highlight…MORE

6. Cockney Nutjob – I’m Skankin’ Out

Full-floor guaranteed every time – thanks Cockney!…MORE

7. Cut La Vis feat. Maddy Carty – Still Have The Love

Another huge hip-hop skank…MORE

8. Blackalicious – Blacka

Righteous black power hip-hop anthem…MORE

9. Dirty Dubsters feat. – Blue Fishes

Sweet reggae banger…MORE

10. Sukie & The Browns – If You Want Me

Old soul casts a long shadow…MORE

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