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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top ’10′ Tracks 2013

(See – Top 10 Albums – 2012 HERE)
As with last year, the idea of selecting merely a top ten tracks of the year was laughable. Here are the twenty biggest – selected (as is traditional) by a complex algorithm based on frequency of play on the MB boombox

1. Phoenix City Allstars feat. Freddie Notes – Satisfaction

You think you’ve seen a dancefloor go off and then you drop this…MORE

2. Deltron 3030 – Pay The Price

Way to stick it to the man. Disguise it as science fiction…MORE

3. The Bas Lexter Ensample – Kilburn Soulshaker

“She’s leakin’, she’s soakin’ wet.” Amazingly, women love to dance to this reggae Ying Yang Twins rerub…MORE

4. Smoove & Suonho – A Little Soul

A little soul, a bit of breaks and a whole lot of Aretha. Smoove and Suonho kill it…MORE

5. Mako & The Hawk – Party Goin’ On

Bristol’s laziest pull off a Wiseguys-style Paul Revere & The Raiders booty…MORE

6. Jimmy Preacher Ellis – Puttin It On Your Mind

Tramp Records dig up the dirty blues-funk…MORE

7. Professor Earl Lett – Green Power (LP version)

Tramp Records dig up the dirty wah-wah funk…MORE

8. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Ghettos Of The Mind (Freqnik & WDRE remix)

Massive rerub: Pete Rock & CL Smooth over a soul-funk beat…MORE

9. Tosses & Varvez feat. Rayna – Function

The nastiest ghetto funk banger all year…MORE

10. Mr Bird – Cenora Com Noz

Big reggae/ breaks instro cut from Bird…MORE

11. The Worldstylers – Gimme One More (sixth snippet on player)

Big hammond breaks instro cut from Worldstylers…MORE

12. Chrispop – Midnite Hour

Superb reggae/hip-hop booty action from Chrispop

13. Soul Session – My Soul Desire (Fab Samperi remix)

Fab Samperi does the swing breaks business…MORE

14. The Crabs Corporation feat. Jennie Matthias – Hush It

Another huge retro ska cut…MORE

15. Sammy Senior feat. Rayna – Don’t Touch My Heart

Rayna’s second appearance on Sammy Senior’s huge swing breaks beat…MORE

16. Lack Of Afro feat. Wax & Herbal T – P.A.R.T.Y.

LOA, Wax and Herbal T party like it’s 1989…MORE

17. Lebrosk – Bringing The Boom Back

Lebrosk brings the boom back with P.U.T.S. and more horns than a hundred head of cattle…MORE

18. Flying Fish – Oh My Dayz

Flying Fish delivers one of the year’s biggest boom-bap soul cuts…MORE

19. B-Side feat. Kymberley Kennedy – Dope Rider (Second Hand Audio remix)

Second Hand Audio deliver the other…MORE

20. Monetrik – El Carino

The year’s biggest latin cut from well-known latin lover Monetrik…MORE

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