LEBROSK vs. DELIMENTARY: Double Trouble EP (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ “I say, what’s that sound Holmes?”

DELimentary my dear Watson. It is simplicity itself to recognise his signature breaks style on his contribution to the new Double Trouble EP from Radical Mixtape Recordings!”

“Indeed Holmes, when you put it like that, it all seems so obvious and yet I struggled at first to place it though I believe my ears to be quite as good as yours.”

“Quite so, Watson – but while you hear, you do not listen! Come though and give this other track your attention. Even you should be able to deduce that Inspector Lebrosk has rather trumped our breakbeat friend with an elegantly triumphal funky-horns-based hip-hop beat and inspired use of a People Under The Stairs acapella. It’s the very thing to bring the boom back and has quite saved me from ennuiā€¦”
(Out 13 December on Radical Mixtape Recordings)

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