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CHART – APR. 2011

1. (NEW) DJ Love (feat. Geechi Suede) – Zigga Zigga

Dancefloor hip-hop banger that’s neither jiggy nor retro …MORE

2. (NEW) Windmills – Summer Fantasie

Sweet, psychedelic West Coast hip-hop…MORE

3. (NEW) Carl Sherlock Holmes – Black Bag

Original dirty funk repress.

4. (NEW) Mr Fantastic feat. J Todd – All The Critics

Meters-sampling fatness…MORE

5. (NEW) Katalyst feat. Stephanie Mckay – Day Into Night

Bitter-sweet reggae soul…MORE

=6. (=1) Dirty Dubsters (feat. Bass Nacho) – Mr Brown

Massive Marley-fied breaks booty…MORE

=6. (=1) Fab Samperi (feat. Jonnathan Molina) – Listen Up

Massive soul n bass cover of Gaye’s ‘Can I Get A Witness…MORE

7. (NEW) SAVANT (feat. Visions Of The Sun, Random, Mr Miranda & Medaforacle) – State Bar AZ Cypher

Big posse-cut from Arizona MCs Savant and friends…MORE

8. (NEW) Krash Slaughta – Bedop

The funky breaks don is on the money again…MORE

9. (NEW) Euro Cinema – San Diego Humps

Euro Cinema nailing the sound of the Blue Note vaults to the wall.…MORE

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