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X-RAY TED: Moving On

Finally out is X-Ray Ted’s debut long player Moving On which fulfils all the promise of the last couple of years’ worth or so of

X-RAY TED feat. FULLEE LOVE: I Been Good

X-Ray Ted has very much found his niche in the last couple of years – to wit, delivering twenty-first century party-breakbeat-friendly funk. Funk being a

X-RAY TED: Gimme Soul

When it’s been in the inbox for ages but you don’t write a post because the audio isn’t live to embed – and then you

X-RAY TED: Somebody Told Me

X-Ray Ted’s got a new single out – Somebody Told Me. Oh really? What’s it called? Somebody Told Me. Yeah, you said, but what’s it

X-RAY TED: Get It Started

Next from X-Ray Ted on Bombstrikes is single Get It Started which does indeed get things started and like a bastard too with a brace