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X-RAY TED: Get It Started

X-RAY TED:  Get It StartedNext from X-Ray Ted on Bombstrikes is single Get It Started which does indeed get things started and like a bastard too with a brace of amped and funky instrumental dancefloor breakbeat belters. The aforementioned cut proves you can never have too much of a good thing by opening with a roughly half minute build-up plundering from a host of classic build-up tropes – you know – vocal sample over a four to the floor hi-hat, add in rhythm guitar, add tambourine, add conga, add in drum fill and…Boom! It’s horns, breaks, hands in the air and Covid too probably what with all the sweat and whooping. Naturally you can’t get a crowd all amped like that and then back off like some kind of musical tease so it’s on to the slightly more restrained but no less funky Oh My Gee which adds slap boogie bass and a tiny bit of scratching to the horns n breaks mix to ensure the ruckus continues. Just the ticket for welcoming back gigs!
(Out now on Bombstrikes)
TEXT COPYRIGHT: Stone Monkey/ (2021)

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