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X-RAY TED: Talkin’/ So Much (Ltd. Vinyl 7″)

Anything X-Ray Ted drops these days seems to be heat and his latest digital release is no exception. None of that ‘one track and a couple of remixes’ business either – this is two discrete tracks of what might best be described as ‘boom-bap soul.’ First up is Talkin’ on which a reliable kick-snare-kick-kick-snare pattern underpins an old soul vox n horns loop which appears after the first fill and could happily go on for hours though the whole thing is, in fact, less than three minutes long. The flip employs different samples but the same recipe and with much the same effect which is to say a happy room of club types and smiles all round. Nice one Ted. Future Bombstrikes 45? Enquiring minds want to know!

UPDATE: A limited vinyl 7″ of this release dropped as of 12 April 2024 on Bombstrikes. It’s almost like the monkey’s prescient…
(Out now on Bombstrikes)

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