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X-RAY TED: Gimme Soul

When it’s been in the inbox for ages but you don’t write a post because the audio isn’t live to embed – and then you miss the audio going live…It’s not easy being a music blogger sometimes and the music very much has gone live on new X-Ray Ted single, Gimme Soul. And like the man says, this one is his, “love letter to sixties soul.” He adds that he wanted to follow up his last EP with something both, “heavy and groovy, but still artistically relevant and exciting – giving a post-modern interpretation which felt like both 1968 and 2023.” Job done XRT! Big beats, big horns, big guitars and crucially (as everyone will no doubt agree) big organs. It sounds very sixties but it’s big enough to go head to head with more contemporary party breakbeat sounds. The label responsible? Bomb Strikes, of course. We can probably expect a 45 in due course too.
(Out now on Bomb Strikes)

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