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[RATING: 5] If you caught the debut LP, Pocket Watch, by rapper/ jazz trumpeter Pan Amsterdam (a.k.a Leron Thomas to his folks and jazz appreciating

PAN AMSTERDAM feat. GUTS: Carrot Cake

There’s nothing like a moist slice of carrot cake is there? Just ask Pan Amsterdam whose new single is entitled – er – Carrot Cake.

PAN AMSTERDAM: All Kindsa Don’t

Not had enough whimsy in your life lately? Allow Pan Amsterdam into your life once more then and let his mellifluous tones to float into

PAN AMSTERDAM: Landlord Elijah

It’s time for the next single to be drawn from the mighty Pan Amsterdam’s superb debut LP, The Pocket Watch, and this time around it’s

PAN AMSTERDAM: The Pocket Watch

[RATING: 5] And now, after two singles (Plus One and The Lotion Song) destined for classic status once the word on Pan Amsterdam reaches critical

PAN AMSTERDAM: The Lotion Song

[RATING: 5] Mere weeks after genius debut single Plus One has dropped and Pan Amsterdam (a.k.a Leron Thomas and thatmanmunkz) are at it again inviting

PAN AMSTERDAM: Plus One video

[RATING: 5] Who exactly is Pan Amsterdam? The smooth samples, the laidback lyrical delivery – half stream-of-consciousness/ half tongue-in-cheek lyrics – and the hijacking of