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PAN AMSTERDAM: Plus One video

PAN AMSTERDAM:  Plus One video[RATING: 5] Who exactly is Pan Amsterdam? The smooth samples, the laidback lyrical delivery – half stream-of-consciousness/ half tongue-in-cheek lyrics – and the hijacking of an old Alexander O’Neal video for new single Plus One reveal a wry sense of humour possessed by the likes of both Messrs Daniel Dumile and Kool Keith Thornton. Surely there can’t be a third such emcee? Turns out there is. For Pan Amsterdam is none other than one Leron Thomas along with producer thatmanmonkz of Madison Washington. Perfect to chill to, Thomas serves up lyrical delights in a noirish late night drawl such as “I walk with the rats until I sleep with the…/who said that? Give ’em a Kit-kat” not to mention the smart-arse wordplay of,“I got Seoul like Korea,” which you realise was really, “I got soul like Corea” when the the next bar reveals, “Chick ain’t got nothing on me.” Which all bodes very well for forthcoming LP, The Pocket Watch out soon on Def Presse.

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