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PAN AMSTERDAM feat. GUTS: Carrot Cake

PAN AMSTERDAM feat. GUTS: Carrot CakeThere’s nothing like a moist slice of carrot cake is there? Just ask Pan Amsterdam whose new single is entitled – er – Carrot Cake. Yes, that’s right, Pan Amsterdam – also known as jazz trumpeter Leron Thomas in a more normal universe where he isn’t a drawling leftfield emcee with a neat line in stream-of-consciousness lyrics and a phone contacts list full of top notch hip-hop producers. He’s most definitely not in that universe here though – what’s that Leron? “I’ll funk like rotten milk and/ pass the expiration date/ It’ll make your granny’s cow lactate.” It certainly will, I can smell the milk from here! Who can provide a boom-bap dreamscape to compliment such mic musings? Step forward Frenchman GUTS!  Can we have a trumpet outro – I wonder Leron, do you know anyone…yes?  Excellent! So now we just need a video – maybe one featuring a montage of footage of a blissfully un-self-conscious mixed gender 70s dance troupe in glorious grainy celluloid. Yep – that should do it! It’s precisely the sort of thing that might herald an LP called HA-Chu, isn’t it?
(Out now on Def Pressé)

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