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PAN AMSTERDAM: The Lotion Song

PAN AMSTERDAM:  The Lotion Song[RATING: 5] Mere weeks after genius debut single Plus One has dropped and Pan Amsterdam (a.k.a Leron Thomas and thatmanmunkz) are at it again inviting you to smear your ears with lyrical lanolin in the form of new single The Lotion Song. Good grief – another five stars already? Nothing to with the monkey – it’s the beats and the rhymes stupid! ‘Munkz provides a more upbeat but equally jazzily-influenced groove while Thomas skewers social media tropes with bars to rival the best of DOOM or Kool Keith – sample lyrics, “My friends be ‘bots/ How did I acquire them?/ If I told you it would threaten my martyrdom/ Never this, I just be on commentary/ Follow the scent because your farts be stationary.” You know – the kind of thing people mean when they say rapping’s an artform. Don’t believe it? Check the technique below. Full LP The Pocket Watch follows shortly – check back with the monkey soon for the full 411.
(Out now on Def Presse)

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