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PAN AMSTERDAM: All Kindsa Don’t

PAN AMSTERDAM: All Kindsa Don'tNot had enough whimsy in your life lately? Allow Pan Amsterdam into your life once more then and let his mellifluous tones to float into your earholes atop those trademark jazz trumpet and woozy synth-laced beats. Floating in from the farthest reaches of hip-hop where things get all mixed up with spoken word and jazz, Pan Am is busy making all his usual “nonsensical sense” on All Kindsa Don’t. Let’s see now – he mentions ‘Luther Vantriloquist,’ ‘bringing cheeseburgers to banquets,’ ‘cheeseburgers for your Dobermanns,’ and perhaps best of all ‘DJs catching sand in their sandals because…[he]…doesn’t shuck and jive enough for a guy with love handles.’ Then barely a minute and half into this less than three minuter, he decides the trumpet can say it even better than words and he’s off. This is the third single to be lifted from the Elevator Music Vol. 1 EP. Did I mention the artwork which indicates that sex with deer is not allowed? See? All kinds of don’t.
(Out now on Def Pressé)

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