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PIMPERNEL JONES: RPM 23Is it me or has the RPM Challenge changed the entry criterion this year? Where once it was, “Write and record ten songs or 35 minutes of music in February,” this year it seemed to be the rather simpler, “Make a record in February; any length, any style.” Producer Pimpernel Jones of Herma Puma is a man who’s always been up for the challenge of knocking out albums of a minimum of ten tracks (and often more) in the last three years and, in 2020, giving himself the additional challenge of upgrading his studio computer at the same time! So you can certainly imagine that this year he might want to cut himself a bit of slack. Right? Wrong! Only pussies knock out a mere single when they have a month at their disposal and Pimpernel Jones is no pussy. No, indeed, for his RPM 23 entry consists of no fewer than twenty-eight tracks.

Twenty-eight tracks! In one month! Man, he really is a glutton for punishment. And yet for the ears it’s all pleasure as PJ flits from glitchy lo-fi electronica (Portsageez and Morning Blush), through trip-hoppy business (Springin) to chunky, jazzy boom-bap like The Roll. Of course, many of the tracks are less than a minute long for we are in beat-tape territory, ladies and gentlemen – the audio showcase of the hip-hop producer. And indeed there is a dizzy variety of beat-making on offer here for any mic marauder or jazzy chanteuse to immerse themselves in and no doubt approach our man about with a view to making shit real! That said, this is also glorious to just nod your head along to and get all chill on the sofa, or like, you know, whatever.
(Out now HERE)

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