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HERMA PUMA: Busta Lockdown (Free download)

HERMA PUMA:  Busta Lockdown (Free download)Can’t get enough of that Herma Puma production eh? Welcome to Part Two of today’s Herma Puma news with mash-up Busta Lockdown – a.k.a. the zeitgeist-capturing lyrics of Anderson Paak’s Lockdown ‘pella spliced with the slinky Buddah/ Shamello-produced beat for Busta Rhymes’ Put Your Hands Where My Eyes could see. Since Paak sounds vaguely like a young Q-Tip and the beat for Busta’s track sounds a lot like something off Tip’s Amplified LP, the overall impression is not a million miles from imagining what Q-Tip might have done had he made his way through a wormhole in the space-time continuum between 1997 and 2020. Or at least what he might have done if he hadn’t been gobsmacked with terror at the utter shitshow things had become. Cop it below.

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