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COCOA: Get Down On It EP (2013)

Sticking with the boom bap theme, here’s the Get Down On It EP. Nothing to do with Kool & The Gang of course, this is strickly in the name of hip-hop – courtesy of French production team CocoA whose debut drop this is. Fat breaks, fat as fuck production, scratchy old samples, scratching with scratchy old samples, big old horn and flute loops – it’s all there. No rapping though. Oh wait – here’s Herma Puma with Gregg Green on a more chilled remix. Label owner Mr Bird is up next with a funky breaks rerub, Mr Fuzz renders the original virtually unrecognisable as a disco biscuit and Deni Shain‘s about some broken beat business. Can’t beat the original though…
(Out now on Fat Bird Sounds)

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