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HERMA PUMA feat. QnC: Killing Me (2015)

Killing Me Herma Puma Q Ball Curt Cazal[RATING: 5] Herma Puma come more correct than box fresh – er – Puma suedes with fat laces and a furry Kangol bucket hat by enlisting the prodigious skills of legendary J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. mic manipulators Q Ball & Curt Cazal on new single Killing Me b/w I Did It For Hip-Hop. You’d pretty much have to be clasping a couple of kilos of cannabis resin to have something more dope than this 45 in your hands. Expect a boom-bap beat adorned with choice samples and QnC shredding the reputations of all fake rap fools, “Amateur rappers leave the tracks to the pros/ And stop tryna be rappers for the hos there’s more to it/ My flow truant from this new school class/ And how you gonna fix the game which you know to ask.”
(Out 16 February on Hero Records)

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