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HERMA PUMA: The Bob Ross EP (2016)

The Bob Ross EP Herma PumaSmokers of happy trees and fans of Herma Puma rejoice, for here is a brand new helping of HP-type sauce in the form of The Bob Ross EP – or seven slices of chilled vocal and instrumental boom-bap to you. Donnie Numeric helps out with a few bars on dreamy, soul-drenched opener Yesterday while most of the rest of the EP consists of multifarious flavours of downtempo beat sketches – from the smoky-jazz-tinged tinkles of Flak Jacket to the rolling break and xylophones of the Mo Wax-ish Cosmic Abstract. The highlight however is the dusty, vintage boom-bap of Birds Of Freedom on which Brooklyn singer, songwriter and no mean emcee Gregg Green‘s deceptively chilled rap pulls no punches whatsoever: “We in a state of confusion, when the truth is losin’/ Outdated like the constitution written at a time/ when black people were considered less than human.” Word.
(Out 11 July on Cosmic Trigger Audio)

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