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FOLD: To Be Hated And Thus Corrected

Back with new single To Be Hated And Thus Corrected Leeds outfit Fold are aiming to re-connect with their people at gigs, post-pandemic and also

FOLD: Take It All Back

People shout long and loud when populist bigots get into power but much less so at the complacency and lazy corruption (the ‘light touch of

KOMLA MC vs FOLD: Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls? Ouch – that must hurt a lot. Oh you were serious!  Sorry – Dr Livingstone, then, I presume? No? Ah, well if it’s

FOLD feat. MR GEE: Aphelion

Another cut to fall foul of the MB summer holiday chaos has been this effort from Leeds band, Fold, dropping a fortnight or so ago,

FOLD: Insurgent Mood

Don’t let the mellow head-nod beat fool you – Leeds outfit, Fold, are in an insurgent mood. Cue another example of their stock-in-trade – which

FOLD: The Prize

Leeds band Fold follow Concrete Things with The Prize, the second single to be lifted from forthcoming LP Aphelion. The track departs from the band’s

FOLD: Concrete Things

Fold have just released their track Concrete Things, “in defiance of these dark times…in case it might bring joy to anyone,” and lord knows a