FOLD: Insurgent Mood

Don’t let the mellow head-nod beat fool you – Leeds outfit, Fold, are in an insurgent mood. Cue another example of their stock-in-trade – which is to say, a bedrock of a richly orchestrated hip-hop beat topped with some incendiary spoken word plucked from history. In this case, it’s another outing for outspoken African-American playwright Lorraine Hansberry (the first African-American to have a play performed on Broadway back in 1959!) and some revolutionary words that are as apt now, as they were then. Insurgent Mood will be the opening track on Fold’s forthcoming LP, Aphelion, due later in the year while, for additional heightening of that very mood (not to mention highlighting that this shit has been going on for hundreds of years), the cover features Toussaint L’Ouverture who was of course leader of the successful Haitian Revolution against French colonialists.
(Out 3 July HERE)

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