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FOLD: Forever War

Ever watching the watchmen, Leeds outfit Fold now turn their attentions to the concept of ‘forever war’ on a track entitled, appropriately, Forever War. Let me see now – ‘forever war’ – that’ll be the concept of a war that goes on – er – forever. There are various reasons for this, but one of them is that it’s in the best interests of the military-industrial complex to fuel war as it keeps profits healthy. Which is presumably why the top ten arms exporters (including the USA and UK), who account for ninety per cent of global arms sales, continue to sell arms unlawfully and sometimes illegally to regimes with questionable humanitarian records. I mean it’s not like they could just stop selling weapons is it? What would they do? Well apart from not fuelling humanitarian abuses, hatred and mass murder and terrorism, it’s just possible they could re-tool to…er…make something else, green tech for example. But we can’t have that sort of nonsense. And so it goes – most recently in Ukraine and Gaza. Which brings us to the track Forever War pitched musically somewhere between Portishead, Black Sabbath and Serge Gainsbourg (!), according to the PR blah and featuring Fold’s signature splicing of spoken word samples over the music. In this one, the bulk of the spoken word comes from Mint Press CEO Mnar Adley though Alice Walker and Lorraine Hansberry also feature while the hook consists of a multitude of voices that include Kurt Vonnegut and Bell Hooks. Check it below.
(Out 26 January on FoldFM)

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