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FOLD: Take It All Back

FOLD: Take It All BackPeople shout long and loud when populist bigots get into power but much less so at the complacency and lazy corruption (the ‘light touch of self-regulation’, anyone?) which creates the breeding ground for snake oil-selling politicians in eras preceding or following times of bigotry. Ever aware of this, Fold have launched new single Take It All Back, which is about ‘reconciling our stories with the truth’, implicitly referencing both the Holocaust and colonialism. Singer Seth Moshowitz explains, “We look back with horror at genocide and slavery but they remain just around the corner. The mindset of those who created the mythology of racism is the same held by today’s rulers: that which values profit above all else.” The double-headed monster of national exceptionalism and demonisation of others springs to mind too. Still, if you are going to try and persuade people not to fall for the snake oil you could do worse than deliver your thoughts via the medium of a mellow and funky groove with indie and world music elements.
(Out now on Saint In The City Records)

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