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THE OFFLINE: Les Cavaliers

Purveyor of cinematic soul The Offline returns with a new single and renews his bigging up of Atlantic coast surf spots in France (and why

KORALLE: Perfections EP (Vinyl 7″)

Jazzy beats and hip-hop from this new 7″ release on the Little Beat More label in the shape of Koralle’s Perfections EP. A three-tracker, it

DJ PNUTZ: Heart Beats

It might be two days past Valentine’s Day but if you need a special day to be romantic – maybe you’re doing it wrong! In


It’s been a while since French beatmaker Roger Molls has been featured on MB but this man (whose output might very favourably be compared to

FOLD: Forever War

Ever watching the watchmen, Leeds outfit Fold now turn their attentions to the concept of ‘forever war’ on a track entitled, appropriately, Forever War. Let

WOXOW: Birth

Hitherto found expressing himself musically with rappers in tow, Woxow reinvents himself on his forthcoming Tape Reset EP and has just popped out the first

FOLD: To Be Hated And Thus Corrected

Back with new single To Be Hated And Thus Corrected Leeds outfit Fold are aiming to re-connect with their people at gigs, post-pandemic and also

OMEGAMAN: Universal Rhythm

Oz producer Omegaman’s been around for a long time now, never disappointing and his new Universal Rhythm four-tracker might just be his most varied and


Just out, new instrumental single Amanecer from DC outfit Empresarios. That skippy little drum break and the Latin-style percussion both say ‘Wakey, wakey!’ while that