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(NEW) 1. The Beatles vs. Hip-hop Legends – An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space

Yes, all of it. All 48 glorious tracks of it…MORE

(NEW) 2. Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal – Feel Right

Uptown Funk my arse. Get some of this.

(NEW) 3. T Bird & The Breaks – Harmonizm

TBTB give you beats to the rhyme and nickels to the dime…MORE

(NEW) 4. Herma Puma Feat. QnC – Killing Me

Legendary lyricism and fat beats…MORE

(NEW) 5. Cannibal Ox feat. DOOM – Iron Rose

Heavier than an armoured battle-ox…MORE

(NEW) 6. Big Boss Man – Changing Faces

BBM on a Small Faces psych wig-out tip…MORE

(NEW) 7. Renegades Of Jazz feat. Greg Blackman – Imperial Breed

ROJ and GB channel Satan for this banger off the new ROJ album…MORE

(NEW) 8. The Delegates Of Rhyme feat. Greg Blackman – Look At What They Do

Look at what they did. Soul-drenched UK hip-hop…MORE

(NEW) 9. Pulpfusion – The Beat Inside My Soul (DJ Maars remix)

The Maars magic at work once more…MORE

(NEW) 10. Lucky Brown – Mystery Road

No mystery here. Just straight up raw funk grooves…MORE

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