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CHART – August (2015)

1. (1) Cut La Vis feat. Maddy Carty – Still Have The Love

Rocksteady-influenced summer banger…MORE

2. (2) Sukie & The Browns – If You Want Me

Golden-era soul-referencing gorgeousness…MOREstrong>

3. (3) Richard Marks – You Ain’t No Good

Track 9 on player – massive unsung funky soul banger…MORE

4. (-) Mako & Mr Bristow – Funky Jive

Supersoul rock n roll. ‘Nuff said…MORE

5. (-) Ann Peebles – Somebody’s On Your Case (Honest Lee disco re-edit)

Pumping disco soul edit…MORE

6. (-) DJ Format & Phill Most Chill – The Shape Of Things To Come (remix)

Classy old school hip-hop remix…MORE

7. (-) FDEL feat. Lyrics Born – How Lucky I Am

A welcome return for both FDEL and Lyrics Born…MORE

8. (8) Vursatyl – It’s Nothin’

Don’t let Vurtsatyl fool you – this is dope!…MORE

9. (-) Eric B & Rakim – Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Nick Bike remix)

Nick Bike making sure the rhythm hit’s you all over again…MORE

10. (-) DrK – Let Me See What You Got

…and what he’s got is Brazilian big beat…MORE

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