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ZENIT INCOMPATIBLE: Egology EP (2012) + ‘Whisperer’s Walk’ free download

The Bulabeats label surprises here by delivering Zenit Incompatible‘s Egology EP. With a name like Egology you might be forgiven for expecting full-on, check-me-out breakbeat dancefloor antics and yet we’re treated instead to some thoughtful downtempo musings from the Hungarian producer. Wherever the party was at, it’s been and gone and this five-tracker is the afterglow – or perhaps the sunrise. Although having said that the video my head conjures for Whispers Fall (in original and dub incarnations) is samurai duelling in slow motion amidst cherry blossom floating down around them. A Hard Night’s Day is straight ‘Ibiza Chillout’ material, best cut Resolutionaries evokes the prelude to a mass vampire attack and the title track is cossacks shooting Russian peasants – oddly enough again in slow-motion. Which is all another way of saying (probably) that our man Zenit has an ear for the cinematic. Cop the EP next week, preview it below and pick up a Nate Dogg-augmented vocal version of the Whispers Fall entitled Whisperer’s Walk, below that – click through to it on the actual soundcloud page first though…
(Out 15 October on Bulabeats)

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