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MODERATOR: Midnight Madness LP

“Good midnight to you!” Thus begins the new Moderator LP, Midnight Madness, with a retro movie dialogue snippet heralding precisely the massive payload of dope

KAMAU KURU: Oxydental

[RATING: 5] Say hello to London-based producer Kamau Kuru – someone you’ll definitely be hearing a lot more of on the strength of debut LP

DON LEISURE: Valery’s Fate

It’s been a bit of a cinematic-slash-psych day on MB today and the monkey figured if it ain’t broke why fix it? So here’s news

BILLA QAUSE: Somehow Someway

Here it is then, the new LP from the Mind The Wax stable – Billa Qause’s Somehow Someway – which you could be forgiven thinking


Long-time MB readers will know that while the greater proportion of what gets featured on the site is aimed squarely at the dancefloor, occasionally something

BNC: Remember That EP

It’s been a while but MC BnC a.k.a Bruises n Cuts is back with a new drop – the Remember That EP on his label

JON KENNEDY: Enchantica (2017)

While you wait for the next full-length release from Jon Kennedy, he gets his trip-hop on with atmospheric new single Enchantica. The track is built

ANDYFELLAZ: Beatbop Street (2017)

Despite its inception and heyday in the mid-to-late nineties, the downtempo/ cinematic/ trip-hop incarnation of breakbeat music refuses to die and while it may not