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The time was when nary a month or so went by without a new Morlack release but things have been strangely quiet in our DC

MORLACK: My Spin Is Ur Drama

Morlack reckons his spin is your drama on his new Funk Blasters drop entitled – er – My Spin Is Ur Drama – and he’s

MORLACK: Cheeky Edits Vol. IV

The cheekiness of Morlack knows no bounds as he returns to his favourite musical decade to re-vitalise a quintuplet of eighties R&B cuts for Cheeky

MORLACK: Good To Go-Go Vol. VII

Back on home territory after the nu-disco-inflected excursions of May’s Good Times EP, Morlack returns to his beloved DC Go-Go as source material for Good

MORLACK: Skanky Bank Vol. II EP

Are you getting the feeling there’s an island influence on the four new cuts from Morlack that comprise Skanky Bank Vol. II? The cover art’s a


Last heard of touting their wares as a duo nearly a full five years ago, Mr Bristow and Benny Silver return this month with their

MORLACK: Cheeky Edits EP Vol. 3

Somewhat more than a year after Vol. 2, Morlack returns with Cheeky Edits Vol. 3. Bet you can’t guess what that features. Of course you


No frontin’ from Morlack as he delivers a new party breaks LP, the thirteen-track Bluff. The producer is one of the few scene players who

MORLACK: Good To Go Go Vol. VI

Ok so here’s your latest lesson in DC go-go from Morlack – surely the music’s biggest fan (not to mention biggest proponent of it) outside

MORLACK: Cheeky Edits Vol. 2

Cheeky Edits Vol. 2 eh? Don’t beat about the bush Morlack, say what you really mean! Oh, right, sorry – you did. Cheeky edits of