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MORLACK: Cheeky Edits Vol. 2

MORLACK:  Cheeky Edits Vol. 2 Cheeky Edits Vol. 2 eh? Don’t beat about the bush Morlack, say what you really mean! Oh, right, sorry – you did. Cheeky edits of what though? Knowing you, I’m guessing vintage funk from the late 70s to late 80s or perhaps even early 90s at a stretch – but who specifically? Let’s see now…Trouble Funk? No? I see – stepping out of our comfort zone are we eh? What about Parliament then? No? Rick James? No? Aha – I have it – Tower Of Power, General Kane and for that late night closer finish…a bit of C&C Music Factory featuring Patra! You know I’m right. And you’ve re-versioned them into something a bit special for those knee deep in love with twenty-first century breaks for everything from the club to the house party. I reckon peeps’ll be feeling it. They may even have a toke to the last one, if you see where I’m coming from…
(Out 27 September on Funk Blasters)

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