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MORLACK: Cheeky Edits Vol. IV

MORLACK: Cheeky Edits Vol. IVThe cheekiness of Morlack knows no bounds as he returns to his favourite musical decade to re-vitalise a quintuplet of eighties R&B cuts for Cheeky Edits Vol. IV. Armed with his digital scalpel and the very latest in crisp breakbeats he’s set to work on cuts by O’Bryan, Al Jarreau, Konk, Herbie Hancock and Lizzy Mercier Descloux extending and boosting each until they’re fit to go out on contemporary breakbeat club night speaker systems rather than languishing in the lesser-known reaches of eighties DJ setlists. And there’s something for everyone too. Contrary to the title, Breakin’ will have punters locking and popping with the best of them, Telepathy and Da Bomb maintain a certain ‘ladies night’ feel, Ur Life provides peak-time material and, like the originals, Funky Stuff provides bucketloads of eighties funk – though now with even more oomph.
(Out 28 August on Funk Blasters)

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