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MORLACK: Cheeky Edits EP Vol. 3

MORLACK: Cheeky Edits EP Vol. 3Somewhat more than a year after Vol. 2, Morlack returns with Cheeky Edits Vol. 3. Bet you can’t guess what that features. Of course you can! And I bet you can make a fairly good prediction of which decade he plunders for his source material too. Yes it does start with ‘eight’ and end with ‘ies’! There’s no mistaking that synth sound on Rhumba – a fully hopped-up bass version of Johnny Dynell and New York 88’s Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock) by way of an opener which is matched pound-for-bass-pound by Momie as Morlack gives a certain General Caine track the same treatment. Mind you – when doesn’t this man boost the bass? El Ray provides a bastard hybrid of Fania funk and DC Go-Go and Masta Rocka provides probably the most hands in the air cut – in the shape of pounding nu-disco edit Masta Rocka. Which just leaves time for a bit of comedy with Morris Day’s The Bird getting a bass goosing. And like the man said, “when the horns blow/ I want everybody on the floor.”
(Out 15 November on

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